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About RockHard Weekend

RockHard Weekend, the ultimate, all-natural male performance enhancer. Take RockHard Weekend prior to sexual activity, and watch your love life soar to new levels. Have you had a RockHard Weekend? Join the millions of men who have.

RHW is sold as an impulse product along side a complement of "vices." RHW sells very well within the family planning section of a grocery store along side condoms. RHW sells very well at counter next to energy in a travel center. RHW sells exceptionally well on a Friday night along side a six-pack of beer and a pack of cigarettes. RHW sells-out Saturday afternoon in a Vegas casino to a couple on a honeymoon. RHW sells in multi-count packages to loyal customers at their favorite big-box store chain during their weekly shopping expedition.

RHW is sold in single counts, 2 counts, 4 count bonus pack and 8 counts. Each package quantity has been specifically developed with a consumer purchase experience in mind. While the single count is obviously impulse driven, the 3ct and 8cts are natural consumer progressions. They are purchased to get a better price or to reduce the number of trips to a store. The 8ct is purchased as a monthly supplement for those seeking to always have a RockHard Weekend.

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